Deliver Healthy Fundraising

We assist organizations such as public elementary schools and athletic teams to raise money by selling fresh foods instead of candy.

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Deliver Healthy Fulfillment

"The New Advertising" is logistics.  Participate in fulfillment for Deliver Healthy whereby new customers can come directly to you on the basis of your expertise in the foods you fulfill.

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Community Banquet

We grant restaurants free food financed by donors so that they may provide some pricing relief. As a condition of assistance, recipients thank donors.

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DH Announces the Advent of Managed Supply Chain Injection:

Meet People Motivated to Meet You.

Then allow your Deliver Healthy grocer to make a contract market of your underutilized capital assets. We use the same Deliver Healthy supply chain to fulfill those contracts to others as an additional form of promotion.  Learn More

Managed Supply Chain Injection:

Everyone Participates, Everyone Fulfills. Enjoy Expert Prospecting. Enjoy the Love.

When you become a Deliver Healthy customer, you participate in fresh food fulfillment to your neighbors.  Your neighbors fulfill you. The first thing we do is to consign an account manager to you.  He will introduce you to a contracted number of new customers every day. When customers in your area make orders by smartphone, you get notified. Deliver Healthy drives to you people motivated to meet you.

Use Deliver Healthy introductions as leads for your own prospecting.

Enjoy the love.

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Small businesses and Freelancers, get discovered now...

If you are a small business or freelancer, advertise effectively to your neighbors as a Deliver Healthy fulfillment agent or grocer.